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Our experienced corporate and private detectives in Velbert investigate on behalf of their clients in many different kinds of different cases, for example, upon suspicion of marital infidelity, false financial statements in the course of alimony and/or child support payment calculations, and violation of custodial responsibilities, as well as in cases of fraudulent sick leave, second jobs that were not agreed on by the employer, fraud, and bribery. 


Our detective agency in Velbert acts on behalf of natural as well as juridical persons, solving the case in a way that all results and gained evidence will stand up in court: +49 201 3840 9057.


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Innovative security concepts from Velbert – equally interesting for both users and criminals

Located in the district of Mettmann, Velbert has been known as the city of locks and fittings for centuries, due to the production of safety devices. In the Deutsches Schloss- und Beschlägemuseum, one can learn about the history of locksmithing and safety engineering in a period of 4,000 years – a field in which our detective agency, too, is highly experienced and schooled since physical and digital safety measures belong to our services and portfolio. Out of the around 5,700 local businesses in Velbert, many are active in this and similar fields of metalworking, for example, the Maybach logo and the globally known Mercedes star are manufactured here. 29,581 employees that are subject to social insurance contributions are registered in Velbert and, with 7.5 % (2015), the unemployment rate lies just below the average of North Rhine-Westphalia (8.0 %). 


The ongoing development and improvement of safety measures also attract criminals who are constantly trying to keep up to date with security measurements of private homes and company grounds, as well as with digital security methods. Although companies are offered a wide range of different safety measures, small and medium-sized businesses still assume that their business and firm data are not interesting enough for offenders. Our qualified corporate detectives in Velbert know from years of experience that this lack of concern is exactly what criminals make use of ruthlessly.

Employee check in Velbert | Offences committed by employees

Next to those who acquire financial and intellectual property via burglary or other external methods of theft, it is often employees who are involved in those deeds. They allow themselves to be convinced to steal company data on behalf of a competing business, work on their own account or sabotage the company's operating procedures.


The professional team of our corporate detective agency in Velbert investigates in cases of corporate crime and always provides you with legal evidence at the end of our operation. For a non-binding request, please send us an email via our contact form or give us a call.

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Safety techniques made in Velbert – traditionally the city's most successful export product.

Personal issues: Research and surveillance work by our private detective agency in Velbert

The 40-metre high Eulenbach Bridge, the Hardenberg Castle and the Alter Wasserturm (Old Water Tower) are some of Velbert's highlights, and with its 84,524 inhabitants (2017), it is beautifully located at the southern edge of the Ruhr region, between Essen, Wuppertal, and Düsseldorf. The private investigators of our private detective agency in Velbert operate here in order to provide their clients with useful and legal evidence material.


Our IHK-certified private detectives in Velbert investigate when a client suspects their partner of cheating, investigate in custody cases, in cases of stalking and when a client suspects someone to do illegal work, for example, in the course of alimony and/or child support cases, and in many other case constellations. We investigate suspected persons in Velbert in order to confirm the respective suspicion – or to prove otherwise. At the end of our investigation, we hand over the evidence in form of text and image with the help of a precise documentation of the gained investigation results. We will gladly work on your case, too: +49 201 3840 9057.

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Eulenbach Bridge | Eulenbach Viaduct | Saubrücke in Velbert

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